• On Saturday, Iranian border guards killed 28 horses used by Kurdish border porters known asKolbars near Piranshahr. On Friday, a Kolbar named Daniel Aziz lost one of his legs when he was wounded by a mine from the Iran-Iraq War near Sardasht.
  • Several fires burned large amounts of forest and farmland in the Kurdish region of Iran. According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association (KMMK), forest fires were deliberately set in the Hawraman region, Marivan, and Javanrud. 17 acres of forest were incinerated in the Hawraman region near Sarvabad. In Merivan, fires were set in Asraway village. On Thursday, the Banehsar District of Javanrud experienced fires that destroyed a sizeable portion of forested land. On Monday, 55 acres of farmland were eradicated in the Sarpol Zahab District of Kermanshah city. In 2018, the Kurdish region experienced a similar series of fires which occurred mostly in wooded areas. Kurdish environmental activists accused the Iranian regime and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) of deliberately setting these fires.
  • The Islamic Revolutionary Court of Urmia sentenced a Kurdish singer named Paiman Mirzada to two years imprisonment for “propaganda against the government.” Mirzada is already serving a previously imposed 20-month sentence and will now serve a total of 44 months in prison. Mirzada’s sentence includes a life-time ban on signing or producing music.

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