MESOPOTAMIA NEWS – SHIA CONTRA IRAN – People Go on Strike in Iraq’s Najaf


Basnews English 28/11/2019 – 12:39 Published in Iraq ERBIL — People in Iraq’s southern city of Najaf went on strike on Thursday to denounce government’s crackdown against protesters.Earlier on Wednesday night, tens of angry protesters stormed the Iranian consulate in Najaf and set the diplomatic facility on fire.At least one protester was killed and several dozens were wounded after the security forces opened fire to prevent the protesters from entering the consulate building.

Luai Yasir, governor of Najaf, ordered the closure of all government offices for Thursday except for security, health, and public services offices so to bring the situation under control.

Meanwhile, people closed the marketplaces to protest government’s reaction to the demonstrations.

Protesters in Iraq call for fundamental reforms and Iraq’s freedom from Iran’s political hegemony.

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