MESOPOTAMIA NEWS SENSATION: KURDISH INTELLECTUALS SAY “NO”! TO PKK !Delegation of Kurdish Intellectuals from Turkey Visits Kurdistan Parliament to Reject PKK’s Interventions

Basnews English 2020/11/22 – 15:49 ERBIL — A delegation of intellectuals from the Kurdish provinces in Turkey visited Kurdistan Region Parliament on Sunday to denounce the harmful interventions by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in Kurdistan Region’s affairs.

“Received a delegation who were representing 500 writers,lawyers, journalists,civi society activists from Kurdish cities in Turkey.They expressed their rejection for PKK actions against Kurdistan Region institutions,” Parliament’s Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami wrote on Twitter.

Hawrami said the parliament of Kurdistan has also reaffirmed support for peaceful solution while rejecting violence of any kind.

BasNews reporter said from the parliament that the delegation was sending a message out that all sides should respect the achievements of Kurds in the Kurdistan Region, and refrain from unwelcome interventions.