France Promises “Nothing for Now” to Syrian Kurds: Official

Basnews English – 23 Dec 2018 . ERBIL — After a delegation from the Syrian Kurdistan visited Paris to discuss the US decision to withdraw from Syria, a member of the delegation revealed that France has promised nothing for now.

Riyadh Daraar, a co-leader of the Syrian Democratic Council (the political wing of the Syrian Democratic Forces), told BasNews that the French, alike the rest of the world, were shocked by Trump’s withdrawal decision, and they are studying the situation to determine next moves. However, Daraar revealed that they were promised nothing in Paris as the French themselves have made it clear the strategic moves in the Middle East must be made in coordination with the US.

The official noted that they urged the French government, and the entire international community to continue their support and do not abandon the fight against the Islamic State (IS) before the group is defeated and the situation is secured for the post-IS era. The main concern for the Syrian Kurdish forces after the withdrawal decision of the US was an imminent Turkish military operation in the east Euphrates area to oust the People’s Protection Units (YPG). However, the operation, according to the Turkish president, was delayed under the effect of the US withdrawal.

Daraar welcomed the delay and said it could give them more time to find a political solution to the issues in the region. “We have more than one option available now to handle the situation and save the region. But we do not rush as it needs to be done timely,” he added.