Putin Hails Syrian Kurds’ Support to Russian Military Police – BasNews 29/11/2019 – 20:18 Published in Kurdistan

ERBIL – Russian President Vladimir Putin has hailed the support of the Syrian Kurds to his country’s police forces in the Middle Eastern country, noting that people understand that Moscow’s mission is to protect them.

Putin made the remarks at a meeting of Russia’s Nationalities Relations Council on Friday, during which he added that “at least some positive achievements” that have materialized on the Syria-Turkey border areas “rely on the Kurds’ support and their interests.”

“The people understand this. They display a kind-hearted approach towards us, even love,” Putin said.

He further reminded that the Russian military police that patrols the border between Turkey and Syria “see a very kind attitude of the Kurdish population, because the people there see and understand that the Russian army is there to protect them. This is a hard fact,” as cited by Tass news agency.

Turkey began an offensive against the Kurdish forces on October 9 before it reached two separate ceasefire agreements with Russia and the US, according to which Ankara and Syria will cooperatively take control of the border areas and the Kurdish forces would withdraw from the region.