MESOPOTAMIA NEWS MID-EAST-WATCH  : Iraq, US to Discuss Security, Education, Economy in ‘Strategic Dialogue’: MP

BasNews 2021/04/04 – 22:29  ERBIL – An Iraqi lawmaker has revealed that Baghdad and Washington will discuss the files related to security, education, energy, economy in their planned ‘Strategic Dialogue’.

The third round of the strategic dialogue has been scheduled for April 7, as Iraq has sent a formal request to President Joe Biden’s administration for setting a date to resume the talks on the bilateral relations between Baghdad and Washington. Gatah al-Rikabi, a member of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, told Shafaq News that “the talks will touch upon a spectrum of fields related to economy, education, energy, and security.”

However, the most important focus of the talks during the third round of strategic dialogue will be on the withdrawal of the US forces from Iraq, the lawmaker said.

“The government will establish a committee to schedule the exit of the US forces from Iraq. The committee will be headed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. It will also consist of a national security advisor, the head of the Army Staff, and the chief of the Prime Minister’s Bureau,” he added, as quoted by the report.