KRG rejects presence of ‘Israeli citizens or assets’ in Kurdistan Region

Hiwa Shilani |  KRG spokesperson Jutiyar Adil during a press conference in Erbil, Nov. 24, 2019. ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) spokesman Jotyar Adil on Saturday rejected a claim by an Israeli official that implied the presence of Israeli assets or citizens in the Kurdistan Region.

“Recently, the Spokesperson to Arab Media in the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, Ofir Gendelman, referred in a tweet to the possibility of the Islamic Republic of Iran targeting Israeli citizens in several states, including in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and the Kurdistan Region,” Adil said in a statement.

“We hereby affirm, as we have several times in the past, that Israel has no assets or citizens in the Kurdistan Region. We are disappointed by these false claims and reject these reckless statements, regardless of the intention behind them,” he concluded.

Gendelman’s claim came on Friday, just a week after a senior Iranian nuclear scientist was assassinated outside Iran’s capital of Tehran, apparently by Israel, though the exact details remain unclear.

“In light of the latest Iranian threats & given Iranian involvement in terror attacks, there is concern that Iran will try to attack Israelis in nearby countries such as Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, UAE, Bahrain, the Kurdish area in Iraq as well as throughout the region & Africa,” Gendelman said.