WEST KURDISTAN (SYRIA) – Security meeting between Turkish intelligence and armed factions in Afrin

2 April 2019 – MESOP – After the increasing of operation of YPG and Olive wrath Operation Room, the Turkish occupation had a meeting with the mercenaries armed factions on 21, 9, 2018 at 15:00. The meeting was held in ” Military Police” center of Turkish occupation and wellknown as ” Saraya” in Afrin in presence of all armed factions in Afrin in addition of presence of Military Police and Free Police.

The discussion was on security affairs inside Afrin and ends in those points:

  1. Enforcing the checkpoints especially the Trenda and Qaws. 2. Checking all cars the militaries and civilians. 3. Trying to stop all YPG operations in Afrin. 4. Fortificate all all their centers. 5. Fortificate the frontlines and increasing the nomber of their fighters. 6. Making ambushes in fields.
  2. Sultan Murad also suggested to take all Kurds out of the city in pretext that they make problems and the Turks reply was we can’t take them in one time but we will use them for our agendas. But we can by hitting ang kidnapping them and demanding money for releasing them. So they will go out willingly. The factions leaders also demand to pay their salaries in condition to take some of them to Idlib.


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