Reports: Afrin women enslaved, transferred to Libya by mercenaries

A Sky News’ report revealed that the Turkish occupation mercenaries transferred a number of detained Afrin women in Turkish prisons to Libya, and enslaved them in the same manner that ISIS mercenaries did to Yazidi women in Şengal.

HAWAR ANHA  NEWS  – 23 Dec 2020, Wed – 19:38   –  A group of Kurdish women from the occupied Afrin told shocking tell-all of brutal rape and kidnappings by mercenary groups and the Turkish occupation army against them since the occupation of the city in March 2018, in Sky News today, Wednesday’s report.

The network said: “After Turkey occupied Afrin, centers, institutions and schools turned into secret hostage centers. The testimonies of survivors revealed that the violent rape crimes stained the ground.”

It quoted the testimonies that “the rape, captivity and oppression of the Kurdish women in Afrin are carried out with the light, approval of Turkey, and dozens of women are killed daily, especially the minors, and they are financially extorted, raped and brutally subjected to violence and abuse like never before.”

The network’s report is based on the “Afrin Post”, which stated that mercenaries of the so-called “Jayish al-Nukhbah” transferred “Salwa Ahmed Shasho” a Kurdish girl from the village of Dar Kara in Afrin countryside to “Amara Maabatli” village, to sell her as a slave to Qatari merchants in Turkey and to be moved to Libya later, in the same way as ISIS did to the Yazidi women in Şengal in 2014, but her family managed, after days, to return her and thwart the mercenary plan.

Activists from the occupied Afrin confirmed to “Sky News Arabia” that a number of Afrini Kurdish women, especially the minors who were kept in the prisons of mercenary factions, and were enslaved in Libya.

A Kurdish activist from Afrin, “Bengin Darwish”(assumed name), said that a girl called “Hana” from Sherawa district in Afrin countryside, was arrested following the city’s occupation by the mercenaries of Al-Hamzat, after killing her husband and forcing her to serve Hamzat members in Bulbul sub-district.

Darwish confirmed that a gunman from the remnants of ISIS mercenaries from the Harbel area in al-Shahba Canton, joined Al-Hamzat, he killed her husband, and took her to Libya while fighting as proxy for the Turkish occupation in the Libyan capital, Tripoli.

Darwish added, “The kidnapped are transported to Turkey either through the (Hawar Kilis) military crossing on the Syrian-Turkish border, or through the border village of al-Khalil with Turkey, as well as from the (Al-Hamam) military border crossing in Jindersse district, which links Afrin with the Turkish state of Hatay” .

On the other hand, Sherin Belo, (assumed name) for a twenty-year-old woman, described a bitter reality. After being sexually extorted by the mercenaries of “Ahrar Al-Sharqiya,” headed by “Hatem Abu Shaqra”, who is indicated of committing war crimes against the Kurdish people.

Belo told the network that the mercenaries of Ahrar al-Sharqiya stormed her house and her neighbors’, and threatened to behead them or pay 4 million Syrian pounds. She was also threatened of beheading her husband or allow them all rape her, and added: “I asked them for days limit and it was my chance for me and my husband to escape from Afrin towards al-Shahba areas in Aleppo countryside.

Ibrahim Sheikho, Director of the Afrin Organization for Human Rights, revealed hundreds of cases of kidnapping, rape, murder and throwing of women and girls in the wilds, and said, “The fugitives from Afrin talk about the Afrin hospital crowded with the corpses of kidnapped women, for accusing them as terrorists and posing a threat to Turkish state security, even children. ”

He recounted the kidnapping of “a 16-year-old young named, Malak Nabil several months ago by the mercenary groups, who was shot dead in the countryside of Azaz, on the pretext that she was a fighter in the Women Protection Units”, and he continued: “After being gang-raped for a week, they handed her to her family, then they kidnapped her again and carried out a field execution by unknown persons in the countryside of Azaz.

Sheikho indicated that the mercenaries kidnapped a few weeks ago, 7 Kurdish women, 4 of them were elderly, from the village of Gaziyeh in the Rajo sub-district, Afrin countryside, and woman in her sixties called Halima Mussa Jolyeh was tortured and severely beaten, and they demanded terrible price for her release after being accused of dealing with the Autonomous Administration.

Investigators and UN experts affiliated with the UN Sanctions Committee to investigate violations in the areas occupied by Turkey in Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî / Tal Abyad, spoke in their latest report entitled “No Clean Hands -No clean hands – behind the frontlines” about war crimes of the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation.

The report warned of the grave violations of human rights against the Kurds of Afrin, Serêkaniyê, and Tal Abyad by Turkish mercenaries of systematic killings and displacement, including threats, extortion, kidnapping, torture and forced detention.

The international report documented cases of sexual violence against women and men also in hostage centers in Afrin, pointing to the Turkish forces’ knowledge of the grave human rights violations committed by their mercenaries against Kurdish civilians, accusing Ankara of violating the human rights treaty and failing to address it.

Human rights and civil organizations in NES and Europe launched an international call for help to reveal the fate of the abducted women and forcibly disappeared persons in the Turkish occupation prisons in the areas occupied by northern Syria, and confirmed that the number of kidnapped women reached about 1000 Kurdish women and girls, among them minors, some of whom were released in exchange for ransoms, while the fate of more than 400 kidnapped people remains unknown today.