The Syria Report is publishing the full lists of the executive councils of Syria’s governorates and of their capital cities. In total, some 1,763 persons sit on these councils.

The lists for the governorates’ councils can be read here. Those of their capital cities can be found here.

These two documents are part of The Syria Report’s extended library comprising almost 900 pages, including:

Political documents: the list of MPs elected in 2012, 2016 and 2020, the list of government members and of governors, official statements by various foreign countries involved in the conflict, Arab League resolutions, etc.

UN Resolutions: all UN resolutions on Syria passed by the Security Council since 1967

Assad: some 260 speeches and interviews by and with Bashar Al-Assad

Economic data: 125 tables of economic data including Syria’s foreign trade, humanitarian aid, investment, Russian and Iranian companies active in the market, business licenses, banks’ financial statements, factsheets of various sectors, individuals, entities and countries, etc.

Energy data: a list of tables on Syria’s oil, gas and power sectors

Budget: a full breakdown of Syria’s budgets for the years 2017 to 2020

Press Review: a weekly press review including links to thousands of reports, papers and articles written on Syria since 2011

Sanctions: the list of Syrian individuals and entities under sanctions by both the European Union and the United States as well as various documents issued by the U.S. Administration and the European Council pertaining to sanctions

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