MESOPOTAMIA NEWS : ASSAD&ERDOGAN&PUTIN AGAINST KURDS IN SYRIA – Daoud: Tightening the siege on NES is a Russian-led plan

The co-chair of the Economic Authority in Afrin region, Imad Daoud, pointed out that the government blockade on NE Syria aims to satisfy the people and the Autonomous Administration, as part of a joint plan between Turkey and the Damascus government led by Russia against the region.

NEWS 05 Apr 2021, Mon – 02:58 2021-04-05T02:58:00 Al-Shahba – Firas Ibrahim ram

With the launch of the Rojava revolution in July 2012, the neighboring countries imposed the siege on the region. From the north, Turkey completely closed its borders except for the passage of mercenaries, and in the south and west the Damascus government prevents the passage of basic foodstuffs, fuel, medicines, medical equipment and school books, and the Semalka crossing remains at the mercy of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, an ally of Turkey.

And throughout the nine years of the ongoing revolution, and despite all the political upheavals that the region has gone through, the blockade has remained a constant policy towards NE Syria.

In this context, the Damascus government tightened the blockade imposed on the region to further complicate the situation in the country, which is mainly under the weight of economic sanctions, most notably the US Caesar Act.

The co-chair of the Economic Authority in Afrin region, Emad Daoud, considered that “the siege imposed on NES and the areas of al-Shahba is part of a plan drawn for the region as a result of regional agreements led by all of Russia, Turkey and Iran towards Syria in general and the Autonomous Administration areas in particular.”

Daoud pointed out that the siege imposed on the region “is not something new, as the government tightened it.”The siege on the people of Syria in July of last year, prevented the entry of goods, foodstuffs, and this has been a great burden on the people. ”

‘The goal is to thwart the democratic project in the region’

Daoud believes that the siege “is the result of meetings after the constitutional committee failed to make any progress in the course of negotiations, the last Astana meeting, and the failure to implement what was agreed upon, the alternative plan which is the failure of a project of the Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria by tightening the siege.”

Daoud pointed out that there is “harmony between the policy of the Turkish occupation state and the Syrian government, sponsored by Russia to thwart the democratic project in Syria, by following the old Ba’athist model to achieve Russian, Turkish and Iranian goals and interests in the region.”

On the results of these policies, Daoud explained, “After the Caesar Act came to force in Syria, the Syrian situation, especially in economic terms, has become very bad due to the deterioration of the Syrian pound, the huge rise in the prices of commodities and foodstuffs and the basic requirements of society, where the citizen has become unable to secure a livelihood.”

The co-chair of the Economic Authority in Afrin region held the Damascus government and the Turkish occupation state responsible for the existing crisis.

He stressed that the main objective of the tightened siege is “to satisfy society with their interests in Syria.”

‘The Syrian crisis can only be resolved through a democratic political system.’

Daoud stressed that “creating a democratic political system in Syria can be the only way to find a solution to the Syrian crisis that the people are experiencing.”

Daoud considered that the opening of the crossings between the Damascus government and the areas occupied by Turkey “is part of the plot to thwart the democratic project in Syria by Russia and Turkey.”

‘Negative consequences’

Regarding the negative consequences of the blockade and the economic sanctions imposed on Syria, Daoud said, “The reality is bad, due to the siege imposed on the province by the Syrian government and the Caesar Act applied to Syria, as we are part of Syria.”

And about the solutions available, Dawood revealed, “We had a plan to secure self-sufficiency, since Al-Shahba canton is an agricultural region in which there are all varieties of agricultural crops.

The co-chair of the Economic and Agriculture Authority, Imad Daoud, called on the Damascus government to reconsider its policies. Daoud also called on international organizations to urgently intervene to discourage the Damascus government from its unjust policies against the Syrian people.