MESOPOTAMIA NEWS : Al-Mehbash: We stick by security mechanism agreement with Turkey, US /  Pentagon’s spokesman Sean Robertson – SDF/PKK/PYD accepts Turkey-US-Agreement on Safe Zone


ANHA NEWS  13 Sept 2019 – The co-chair of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria Hamed al-Mehbash said that they stick by implementing the articles of the border security agreement with the Turkish and US sides saying that they did not violate any article of the agreement.  


 The US and the Syrian Democratic Forces reached an agreement with Turkey on August 7 to implement the articles of the security mechanism on the northern and eastern borders to insure the security of the borders after intensified talks lasted for  weeks.

 The People Protection Units (YPG) handed over the border points with Turkey to the military councils forces of Serekaniye and Gire Spi(Tal Abyad) on 24-26 August after destroying the tunnels and military fortifications there, where the Turkish army implemented with the US army after informing the SDF, the first joint ground patrol in the area between Nes Tal and Hashish villages of Gire Spi on September 8 of this year.

 Abed Hamed al-Mehbash said to ANHA that this agreement came to insure the security border of both Turkey and Syria.

 The Turkish Foreign Minister, Moloud Jawish Oglu on last Tuesday accused the US of taking cosmetic steps to delay the so-called ” the safe area” saying that this issue does not assure his country.

 Pentagon’s spokesman Sean Robertson, said that the US took serious steps to implement the articles of the security mechanism related to the agreement in principle with Ankara at a rapid pace and before the  deadline in some cases in response to Jawish Oglu remarks.

 Al-Mehbash said that the agreement will be implemented on several stages and we stick by implementing its articles and we showed a lot of flexibility in this regard within this area.

 Al-Mehbash said that they did not violate the articles of this agreement, adding  there may be a misunderstanding for this mechanism by the Turkish side.

 Commenting on the Turkish plan to resettle one million Syrian refugees residing in Turkey within the territories of northern and eastern Syria, Al-Mehbash said: “We do not want these things to turn against the Syrians and stand in the policies of the Turkish colonial state aimed at changing the demography of the region. ” 

“we called on several Syrian refugees from northern and eastern Syria in many statements to return to their villages to contribute to the process of construction and reconstruction in this region,” he said.