MESOPOTAMIA NEWS : A GOOD US REPUBLICAN PRO KURDS ! – US Senator Introduces Amendment to Protect Kurds in Syria

Basnews English 30/01/2019 – 15:30 ERBIL — US Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) has introduced the Authorization for Use of Force to Defend the Kurds in Syria Resolution as an amendment to the Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act.

“There must always be a moral component to America’s foreign policy, and it’s our moral responsibility to be loyal to our allies,” said Sen. Kennedy.“The Syrian Kurds were indispensable in our fight against ISIS in Syria, and we shouldn’t leave them high and dry. This amendment will ensure the protection of our Kurdish allies and demonstrate our appreciation for their help in the war against ISIS,” he explained, using a different acronym for Islamic State or IS.

According to Kennedy’s website, the amendment will allow President Donald Trump to authorize the use of armed forces to defend the Kurds in Syria. Sen. Kennedy believes that the Syrian Kurds are potentially vulnerable to an attack by the Syrian government forces, rebel forces and other external threats. More via