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ISIS Bans Burqa in Mosul, Iraq

Posted 2016-09-05 23:49 GMT – PressTV have reported that the ISIS terrorist group has reportedly banned women from wearing burqas over security concerns in its security and military facilities in Iraq’s second largest city, Mosul.  PressTV claimed that the new rules follow the deaths of several high-ranking terrorist commanders who were attack by women wearing the garments.



MESOP Syria Analysis: The Death of the Southern Front Rebel Bloc?

By Hassan Hassan and Scott Lucas – 6 Sept 2016 – In spring 2015, Syria’s Southern Front rebel bloc appeared to be on the verge of a success threatening the Assad regime. As rebels took Idlib Province in northwest Syria, the Front moved across the south along the Jordanian border. It moved from Quneitra Province through much of Daraa Province, reaching the borders of Suweida Province in southeast Syria.

Then the success was abruptly halted. The Front did not advance into Suweida, amid political complications over a possible confrontation with the largely-Druze population. An assault on Daraa city failed.Some reports said the Front was suffering from lack of coordination and effective planning. However, others put the blame on the US-led Military Operations Center in Amman, Jordan — the Americans reportedly had vetoed further Front advances, withholding arms and money, because of fear of a sudden collapse of the regime.Those accusations have continued through 2016, as the US switched its support from rebels seeking President Assad’s overthrow to those fighting the Islamic State. They were magnified last week, as the Damascus suburb of Darayya surrendered after 45 months of bombardment and siege. Read all


MESOP “THE ZERO EVENT” – Obama, Putin 90-Minute Meeting Ends with No Conclusion on Syria

Heba El Koudsy – 6 Sept 2016 – Ashqarq al Awsat  – Meeting Between Putin, Obama at G20 Summit to Depend on Schedules. Washington- U.S. President Barack Obama concluded his meetings during the G20 summit on Monday, pointing out that his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin was “candid, blunt and businesslike despite some disagreements.”However, Putin said that an agreement with the U.S. on finding a way to significantly reduce the death toll in Syria could be reached in the next few days. Read all


MESOP BACKGROUNDER :The Druze in the Syrian Conflict – By Talal El Atrache

The Druze in the Syrian Conflict –   @TalalElAtrache – For Syria Comment – Sept 5, 2016

Five years after the beginning of the Syrian conflict, the Druze show no signs of joining the rebellion. Even calls made by the Saudi-financed opposition, asking the Druze to rise up against the Syrian army, have fallen on deaf ears. Israel’s two-fold psychological campaign – consisting of supporting the Golan’s jihadists on one hand, and positioning itself as the only potential protector of the Druze against these very same jihadists on the other hand – has also failed. Instead, the Druze have  consistently joined forces with government troops. Each time the Druze region has been attacked by the Free Syrian Army (FSA), al-Nusra Front or the Islamic State (IS), its inhabitants have relied on the Syrian military to help defend it. Read all



MESOP : ERDOGAN & US COMING TOGETHER AGAIN / US Officials Visit Turkey to Discuss Mosul Operation

By Ali Ünal –  2016-09-06 – SABAH  – As Turkey continues Operation Euphrates Shield against DAESH and the PKK’s Syrian offshoot the Democratic Union Party (YPG) terrorist organizations in northern Syria, a high level U.S. delegation visited Ankara last week to discuss details of the Mosul operation. According to information obtained by diplomatic sources, the U.S. delegation led by Deputy Assistant Secretary for Iraq Joseph Pennington and military officials met with Turkish officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) in Ankara last week, addressing details of the operation in the meeting as well as reported discussions of Turkey’s aim to liberate Mosul of DAESH. Read all


MESOP NEWS : ERDOGAN PRESSES ON KURDISH LAWMAKERS – Turkey Arraigns Pro-Kurd MPs for First Time Since Immunity Bill

2016-09-05 23:47 GMT Middle East Eye – ISTANBUL — A court in the south-eastern city of Diyarbakir issued instructions on Monday for the arraignment of eight MPs from the country’s pro-Kurdish party after they failed to show up for a hearing. Turkish parliament voted in May to lift parliamentary immunity for the PMs, thereby allowing prosecutors to open legal proceedings against them. Read all



MESOP REPORT BY IRIN : Iraq: No country for young men

6 Sept 2016 – Saif fights the so-called Islamic State for a living and can barely pay his bills. Falih is desperate to leave Iraq, but can’t get a visa. Abdullah works for the government but says it’s corrupt.

These three young Baghdadis are part of a generation labelled lost, chaotic, and ripe for radicalisation, but the truth is they feel disenfranchised from the future being offered by the current government. “By failing to provide a vision and concrete prospects for the future, it is pressing young men into the straitjacket of jobs-through-patronage, pushing them into combat with either the Islamic State (IS) or Shiite militias or inducing them to emigrate,” warned the International Crisis Group in a recent report.“They are the country’s most important resource; abandoning them could turn them into the most important threat to national and regional security.” Read full enquiry



MESOP CONGRATULATIONS : Nadia Murad Shortlisted for Václav Havel Human Rights Prize

6 Sept 2016 – BASNEWS – STRASBOURG — Kurdish Yezidi survivor of the Islamic state (IS) sex slavery has been shortlisted for the prestigious Václav Havel Human Rights Prize for her outstanding civil society activities in the defense of human rights.Last week in Prague, the selection panel of the Václav Havel Human Rights Prize, comprising of independent figures from the world of human rights and chaired by the President of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) Pedro Agramunt, drew up the shortlist of three candidatures, including Nadia Murad from Kurdistan Region.  Read all



MESOP NEWS : MICHEL FRIEDMAN’S  INTERVIEW – Türkei beschlagnahmt Videomaterial der Deutschen Welle

Erst gab der türkische Jugendminister der Deutschen Welle ein Interview, dann ließ er das Video offenbar konfiszieren. Was war der Auslöser?

Der türkische Minister für Jugend und Sport, Akif Cagatay Kilic – Dienstag, 06.09.2016   16:12 Uhr  Der türkische Minister für Jugend und Sport, Akif Cagatay Kilic, hat nach Angaben der Deutschen Welle die Aufzeichnung eines Interviews mit ihm konfiszieren lassen. Der Intendant des Senders, Peter Limbourg, verurteilte das Vorgehen als “eklatanten Verstoß gegen die Pressefreiheit”. Volltext