Meeting with Government members

Vladimir Putin met with Government members to discuss priority areas for 2017. The President also instructed the Government to begin work on normalising relations with Turkey.  June 29, 2016  – 14:50 – The Kremlin, Moscow –

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, colleagues.

I would like to inform you that after receiving a letter from the Turkish President, we have decided to start work to normalise our relations with our Turkish partners.

I had a telephone conversation with the Turkish President today. I began that conversation by expressing my condolences to the Turkish President and the entire Turkish people following the terrorist attack in Istanbul.

Regarding our bilateral relations, I would like to start with tourism, even though this is coming at a moment when we see an upsurge in terrorist activity… But nonetheless, we will lift the restrictions in this area.

I ask the Russian Federation Government to begin the process of normalising trade and economic ties with Turkey in general. (Addressing Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev) Mr Medvedev, I would like you to draft proposals for amendments to the legislative base in this area.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev: We will draft and present the proposals.

Vladimir Putin: Thank you.

The Turkish President assured me that the Turkish government would do everything possible to guarantee our citizens’ safety on Turkish soil.