MESOP WATCH BACKGROUND: Chinese Government TV Showcases Foreign Cadets Training In Chinese Military Academies

The Military Channel of China’s Central Television recently launched a special TV series called “International Officers’ Stories of China.” The series showcases foreign cadets being trained in Chinese military academies.

In addition, a video posted by Defense News Releases of Daliang Video to Haokan Video on September 11, 2021, follows the training of Zoir, a cadet from Tajikistan in the Shijiazhuang campus of Army Infantry College of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). Zoir is shown asking his fellow cadets to join him in singing a hymn praising the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  According to Zoir, foreign cadets from 20 countries, including Tajikistan, Djibouti, and Cameroon, participate in Chinese military academy training.

To view the clip of China’s showcase of foreign fighters on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

China’s Military Academies Train Cadets From 20 Countries, Including Tajikistan, Djibouti, And Cameroon

Host: “There are many foreign military cadets in China’s military academies. They have different military uniforms, different nationalities and different languages. They deepen understanding and increase friendship in their studies. From today on, we’ll launch a special series of reports called ‘International Officers’ Stories of China’. Today is Teachers’ Day, let’s listen to a story about a cadet from Tajikistan, Zoir, and his Chinese instructor.”