MESOP : TURMOIL IN KRG COUNTRY – Protesters halt oil tankers in Erbil

SOUTH KURDISTAN IRAQ)- Oil tankers driving along a torn-up road, on Jan. 26, 2016, that has become the subject of protests in Qush Tappa, Erbil. (REBIN FATAH/Iraq Oil Report)

By REBIN FATAH AND PATRICK OSGOOD of Iraq Oil Report – Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

Around 50 protestors are blocking an oil trucking route south of Erbil city, the latest sign of growing public discontent over Kurdistan’s economic problems and unpaid salaries. The rally, staged by residents of villages in and around Qush Tappa, around 20 kilometers south of Erbil city, blocked a road between Erbil and Kirkuk, hampering the daily procession of oil tanker trucks that barrel down the road to and from a cluster of small, private refineries.