MESOP TODAY’S SPECIAL / Iran : Has Rafsanjani Accused Assad Regime of Using Chemical Weapons?

EAworldview  –  By Joanna Paraszczuk – LATEST: Iranian Official Denies Rafsanjani Comments on Assad & Chemical Weapons

A dramatic and curious incident on Sunday afternoon, with the Iranian Labor News Agency’s shifting reports on the words of former President Hashemi Rafsanjani. ILNA reported Rafsanjani’s unequivocal denunciation of the Assad regime for use of chemical weapons near Damascus: “The people have been the target of chemical attacks by their own government and now they must also wait for an attack by foreigners.”

Rafsanjani continued, “The people of Syria have seen much damage in these two years, the prisons are overflowing and they’ve converted stadiums into prisons, more than 100,000 people killed and millions displaced show the plight of Syria more than ever before.”

However, it soon “modified” the remarks and tucked them behind the former President’s claimed comments about unemployment.

Amir Paivar of BBC Persian: Amir Paivar @amirpaivar  – ILNA quotes #Iran fmr president Rafsanjani saying “(Syrian) people were chemically attacked by their own government.” #Syria  –


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