MESOP TODAY : Peshmerga frees Makhmur & Gwer from IS Militants

10.08.2014 – BasNews, Makhmur – Kurdish Peshmerga force has freed the strategic towns of Makhmur and Gwer some 80 km south of Erbil the Capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. One of the Kurdish Peshmerga commander has said that Islamic State (IS) insurgents have withdrew and left some areas in Gwer without even shooting a bullet.  

On Sunday morning, Peshmerga forces attacked control some areas that have been captured by the IS militants. Peshmerga forces so far have re-controlled Makhmur, Gwier and Baqrte towns from the insurgents of IS group.“IS militants have left Khalind, G’hteli, Matrad and some other areas in Gwier town without defending themselves or shoot a bullet,” said Peshmerga Forces Commander Sabir Sofi told BasNews. “Peshmerga forces continue moving forward to re-control of the areas that now has been captured by IS militants and now Peshmerga forces are in Gwier town and Namrud area on Mosul border,” added Sofi. He also pointed out that Peshmerga forces have gave a good lesson to IS insurgents and now clashes are continued in Wardak village and Peshmerga forces shell the area with heavy weapon. Furthermore, a source from Peshmerga forces told BasNews that when the Peshmerga went in to Gwer, they saw most of Kurdish houses in the town had been looted by IS insurgents.