MESOP : THE STALINIST REGIME OF ROJAVA BY PKK/PYD PYD Forces Crackdown on Rival Party – Syrian Kurdish forces close down party rival offices

Basnews – 31.10.2015 16:59 – TEK TAMR – On Thursday Democratic Union Party (PYD) security forces (Asayish) closed down the office of a rival Kurdish party in Syrian Kurdistan.

The Asayish raided the office of the Kurdish Unity Party (Yekiti) in Tel Tamr and closed down its office, on the pretext that it is not licensed by the Democratic Self Administration in Hasakah, reports Welati. The Kurdish Unity Party condemned the action as reckless and against any form of basic democratic principles, only serving the interests of enemies of the Kurds. Ibrahim Biro head of the Kurdish National Council (KNC) strongly condemned the closing down of the office. “We in the Kurdish Unity Party in Syria strongly condemn these barbaric acts by the PYD,” the party said in a statement. On October 13th the Kurdish National Council released a statement calling on the international community to put an end to the “irresponsible behavior”, Kurdish NGO Kurdwatch reported. The KNC blames the PYD for “causing hunger, restrictions in all areas of life, conscription at gunpoint, persecution, arrests, the confiscation of homes and [other] property as well as the forced implementation of an ideological curriculum.”