Raqqa May Be Included in the Federal System of Rojava: PYD / The Syrian regime cannot oppose the plan when SDF liberates the city, Garib Haso says

Basnews English – 26 Ma 2016 – ROJAVA — A representative for the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) has declared that Raqqa will be included in the federal system of northern Syria after it is liberated.

Gharib Haso, the PYD representative in Kurdistan Region, told Kurdistan24 that his party will support the idea of including Raqqa in the federal system of the Syrian Kurdistan which was previously declared by Kurds in northern Syria.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), in which Kurds are the main component, has recently launched a major operation to liberate northern Raqqa areas from the Islamic State. The mission is reportedly to pave the ground for a future move on Raqqa itself.Haso explained that the Syrian regime cannot prevent Kurds from taking Raqqa into their federal system as Damascus has already failed to act effectively in the northern areas, including Raqqa. Earlier in March, the Syrian Kurds declared a federal system in the areas under their control in northern Syria, but the approach was immediately rejected by Damascus and Ankara.Almost a year before the declaration of the federal system in Rojava [Syrian Kurdistan], Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani had suggested that federalism can be a solution to the conflicts in Syria.