MESOP SPOT SOUTH KURDISTAN/KIRAQ : PKK Systematically Destabilizing Sinjar: KRG

Basnews English –  15/03/2017 – ERBIL — Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has accused the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) of systematically planning to destabilize the predominantly Yezidi areas around Sinjar, for which it has moved armed forces from Syria to Kurdistan Region.

In a statement on Tuesday, KRG’s Interior Ministry said that PKK continues to provoke the situation in Khansor subdistrict of Sinjar in hopes of further military confrontations with Kurdistan Region’s forces. “For this reason, it [the PKK] has been moving people and armed forces in the last few days from Hasakah, Derik and other areas of Syrian Kurdistan to Sinjar region.”

The statement comes after the PKK supporters gathered earlier the day in Khansor to protest the presence of Kurdish Peshmerga forces, who are the official forces of the KRG, and are protecting Kurdistan Region border strip with Syria.

KRG’s interior ministry says the PKK forces once again attempted to attack the Peshmerga on Tuesday, but the intense situation was brought under control when riot police forces interfered. It also puts the blame on the PKK for Tuesday events in Khansor, saying a number of riot police forces were injured. “PKK intentionally uses some of the Yezidi brothers as machineries for its flagrant plan,” the statement continues.The KRG finally calls on PKK to act rationally, saying that Kurdistan Region is not looking for further confrontations.