• The Rojava and Northern Syria Autonomous Administration reached an agreement with Syria’s Tomorrow Movement for a political solution to the deepening problems in Syria. In a joint statement announced in Egypt, the two sides stated that the revolutionary uprising that had begun in Syria 5 years ago transformed into a civil war with the participation of regional and international powers. Both sides reiterated their past calls for a “democratic and national project to ensure [the] Syrian peoples’ right to self-determination.” The two parties signed the agreement in Cairo, Egypt.
  • Groups affiliated with the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) reinitiated its bombing campaign of the Shekh Maqsoud neighborhood in Aleppo. The SNC began its initial bombings of the neighborhood on Sept. 7. This renewed shelling resulted in the death of the only doctor in the area and the injury of six civilians and one child. The shelling involved mortars originating from nearby areas controlled by SNC and Al Nusra Front.
  • The Commission of Foreign Relations in Afrin Canton released a statement appealing to the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon for “an immediate intervention to stop Turkey’s attacks against our people in Rojava and in Afrin in particular.” The statement comes after Turkey began shelling the Kurdish defense units in northern Afrin Canton, resulting in the death of six defense unit fighters. In the statement, the commission called to “maintain good relations with our neighbors” and stated that they “want all of our citizens to be able to live in peace.”