In Army Uniforms Shi’ite Forces Establish Their Offices in Mosul – Military expert says Hashd militias enforce Iran’s agenda for Shi’ite Crescent

Basnews English – 20/04/2017 – 20:44 – ERBIL— In the liberated areas of the mainly Sunni city of Mosul, the extremist groups of the Shi’ite Popular Mobilization Forces have opened a number of offices which a military expert describes as a threat against Mosul residents after the elimination of Islamic State (IS).  An informed military source from Mosul told BasNews that most of the parties in the Shi’ite or Hashd mosaic, especially the extremist groups as Asaeb Ahl al-Haqq, have in military uniforms entered Mosul and its surroundings and opened a number of their offices.

The source who preferred anonymity said from their offices the Shi’ite militants attack civilians and kidnap Sunnis.”In addition, an extensive burglary and plunder has emerged which the Iraqi army does not have any control over due to the militants in Hashd offices,” the source said.According to the source, in the devastated disadvantaged areas of Mosul, where people strive to feed themselves, Hasdh militants put further pressure on the residents to sell their premises to Shi’ite forces.He added Asaeb Ahl al-Haqq, backed by the Iraqi government’s financial support, and under a pre-planned design is purchasing land and premises across Mosul and is establishing Shi’ite hussainias in the Sunni dominated neighborhoods.

“Hashd is under the influence of Iran and Iraqi Shi’ites and enforces the agendas it has been tasked with, which dies confine to Iraq and Mosul but the entire areas in which Shi’ite live as Yemen, Lebanon, Syria… the Shi’ite Crescent,” according to political and military expert Brig. Mohyaddin Yunis. Once IS is eliminated in Mosul, Hashd’s agenda will take place, Yunis said, relating Hashd offices to Iran’s wish for having a stronghold in the city to facilitate the Shi’ite Crescent.

Hashd policies are backed by Iraqi VP Nouri al-Maliki who himself is backed by Iran and Iraqi government which strive for “ethnic cleansing of Nineveh province”, Yunis noted.

The military expert indicated that due to financial and religious privileges, Hashd militants have taken over large parts of the Iraqi army.

Yunis warned the development should be considered by the Kurdish parties, adding Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani had soon alluded to the threat which will prevent the reconstruction and stability of Mosul. Prior to the major operation to free Mosul, Barzani invited all the components of Mosul to agree on a system to run their city in post-IS era but only Kurds and Christians responded to the call and Shi’ite Turkmen and Sunni Arabs did not step forward for a solution. The Shi’ite forces assembled under Hashd umbrella are charged with war crimes, violations of human rights and “wild retaliation” against Sunnis in the liberated area, by local and international human rights organizations.