MESOP : SHAME & TROUBLE IN THE KURDISH FAMILY – Iraqi Kurdistan’s Gorran calls arrest order for its leader a ‘political decision’

Nrttv – 17 June 2016 – SULAIMANI, Kurdistan region ‘Iraq’,— The spokesman of Change (Gorran) Movement calls arrest order for Nawshirwan Mustafa a ‘political decision’.

Change Movement Spokesman Shorsh Haji called the recent order for the arrest of Gorran leader Nawshirwan Mustafa a “political decision” after an Erbil court issued the warrant on Thursday due to Mustafa’s absence from court. Mustafa was summoned to appear in court earlier this month over statements allegedly made by him in an audio clip.

The audio recording, which was posted to social media in recent months, purports to have Mustafa threaten to instigate instability in the Kurdistan Region and carry out attacks on foreign consulates. The kidnapping of foreign engineers was mentioned as well. Haji addressed the charges at a press conference on Thursday and said the court has not found evidence proving the recording, which was released on Zagros TV, belongs to Mustafa and he said he considered the lawsuit to be illegal. The spokesman also said the Erbil prosecutor had refused to transfer the claim to a court in Sulaimani.  “We demand the court review the decision and we are expecting the court to take a neutral position,” Haji said. “This file was brought up just after the agreement between Gorran and the Patriotic Movement of Kurdistan (PUK).” Haji said the court was influenced by the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and added, “There are no names or addresses for the witnesses created by the KDP.”  Copyright ©, respective author or news agency,