MESOP : ROUHANI PHONES PUTIN – In a telephone conversation with his Russian counterpart


President ROUHNI : Only Syrian people can decide on Syria, future of the political system

President Rouhani and the Russia President Vladimir Putin discussed the most important regional and international issues and the Russian president gave a report about the latest political developments in the region, as well as Russia-U.S. negotiations on the peace process in Syria.In this telephone conversation which happened on Monday, Dr Rouhani thanked President Putin for making the call and said that Iran and Russias coordination, collaboration and solidarity is necessary for the process of stabilising the bases of peace and tranquillity in Syria.

He referred to Irans basic stances and added: “It is only the people of Syria who can decide on Syria and the future of the political system of the country”.Dr Rouhani also stressed the need for the cease-fire to continue in Syria and added: “Along with the ceasefire, political negotiations should be accelerated with paying attention that the cease-fire and political negotiations should not interfere with the relentless combat with the terrorists and terrorist groups in Syria”.Expressing satisfaction over the latest military developments and retaking of historical city of Tadmur as the Syrian army and peoples improved capabilities, he said: “Controlling the borders and stopping weapons transfer and terrorist agents from entering Syria, as well as preventing terrorists from joining the negotiations as ‘opponents is an undeniable necessity”.

Dr Rouhani also referred to growing Tehran-Moscow relations and said that the Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes further development in its ties with the Russian Federation.

In this telephone conversation, the President of Russia also explained the latest Moscow-Washington negotiations on Syrian issue and said: “All efforts have focused on peacefully solving the Syrian issue and Moscow is in complete coordination with Iran in this regard”.

President Putin also stressed the need to further control the Syrian borders in order to stop weapons traffic and terrorist agents to Syria and added: “We should not let terrorists join the group of opponents in the field and in political negotiations”. He then said that developing ties between the two countries is necessary and that Russia is willing to further develop its relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran without any limitation.
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