PKK Abducts Yezidi Girls and Boys in Sinjar: Official

Basnews English – 25/05/2017 – 17:23 – SINJAR — Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) guerrillas have raided Yezidis’ houses in the region of Sinjar, abducting a number of youths.Waisi Naif, head of Sinjar mayoral council told BasNews that the PKK forces have escalated the tensions in Sinjar over the past few days, adding that they have brought unlicensed military vehicles to the district and have abducted a number of Yezidi youths, including girls.He said that the families of the abducted individuals visited the PKK headquarters in the region for taking them back home, but they had been told that their children were not there.

Yezidi IDPs are afraid to get out of the camps due to PKK forces abducting their children and enrol them in their armed groups, he said.The official added that a large number of Yezidi IDPs are unwilling to return to their areas fearing PKK’s presence in the district. PKK has been called on to step out of the Yezidi major region of Sinjar by local administration of the region, Kurdistan Region and US officials. However, the party has refused to leave so far.