MESOP : PYD/PKK REPORT ON MANBIJ TODAY – Manbij Military Council: Manbij is under our siege

Thursday, June 9, 2016 11:10 AM – MANBIJ – ANF – Manbij Military Council announced the results of the first week of “Martyr Commander Faysal Abû Layla Operation” in a press conference.Accompanied by commander Abû Adil and spokesperson Şervan Derwêş, Manbij Military Council General Commander Adnan Abû Emced made the announcement and stated that the operation to liberate the city center and suburbs of Manbij continued successfully.


In its statement, the assembly said that tens of villages and towns have been liberated during the first week of the operation and the town has been encircled from the south and northeast. Adnan Abû Emced emphasized that they took control of the Manbij-Jarablus and Manbij-Raqqa roads, and have cut all logistics routes to Manbij. Abû Emced noted that tens of villages have been liberated and Manbij Military Assembly forces are now surrounding the city and can hit ISIS targets in the city center. However, the forces advance slowly and carefully for the security of civilians.

General Commander Adnan Ebû Emced stated that Manbij Military Assembly forces provide villagers with humanitarian aid and have moved civilians under the threat of the gangs into secure locations. The assembly and its committee for emergency situations fulfill the villagers’ need for food and medicine, and have cleared mines and explosives in tens of villages so that residents can safely return to their homes.


Adnan Abû Emced emphasized that Assembly forces would continue the operation until Manbij and its suburbs are cleared of ISIS gangs and civilians can safely return to their neighborhoods. The commander thanked Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) for its logistical and moral support to Assembly forces, and the International Coalition for its counselling and air support against ISIS gangs. Lastly, Abû Emced called upon civilians to stay away from ISIS positions and headquarters and be careful until all ISIS gangs are cleared from Manbij city center.