Head of US Joint Chiefs of Staff Arrives At Turkish Incirlik Airbase

Sputnik News –   2016-08-02 –  US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford arrived at the Turkish southern Incirlik airbase on Monday, local private broadcaster NTV reported.

According to the Turkish broadcaster, Dunford is expected to meet US troops and hold talks with Turkish high-profile military officials in Ankara. It comes a day after media reported that the Turkish army stepped up security at Incirlik military base amid unconfirmed reports on a new coup attempt.

Incirlik military base is used by the United States and shelters combat planes of the US-led coalition launching airstrikes in Syria and Iraq against Daesh outlawed in many countries, including Russia. After a faction in Turkish armed forces attempted a coup on July 15 which was thwarted later in the day, Gen. Bekir Ercan Van, former commander of Incirlik airbase, was arrested due to alleged involvement in the plot.

On July 25, Dunford dubbed Turkish media reports on US involvement in the Turkish attempted coup “absurd.”