February 19, 2016 – MOSCOW,— Russia speaks out in favor of the territorial integrity of Syria and Iraq.The emergence of Kurdistan will lead to the disintegration of these two countries, as well as of Turkey, Russia’s Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin told Kommersant-FM radio and the Kommersant daily.

“We support the territorial integrity of Syria and the territorial integrity of Iraq, and, of course we respect the Kurds,” Churkin said. He recalled that the Kurds had already secured “their space” in Iraq where “they probably live more comfortably than the rest of the country.”“That is, we believe that the Kurds should meet their specific needs, but this should not lead to the disintegration of states. Otherwise, things may come to aggravating various crisis phenomena,” the diplomat said. “If they begin to build Kurdistan, this could lead to the breakup of three countries – Turkey, Syria and Iraq,” Churkin said.“This situation is similar to what we observed in Bosnia, where attempts of Croats and Serbs to stand apart resulted in what is called ethnic cleansing. These are very painful and bloody phenomena, and it is better to avoid them. It would be better to find some formula for the Kurds that would allow them to realize their national aspirations and live comfortably without completely undermining the fundamental principles in the Middle East.”. www.mesop.deC