MESOP “PROMISES” !? – Turkey will quit Syria after Euphrates Shield operation: commander

 26 Sept 2016 – MESOP – The commander of Sultan Murad, an opposition Syria group, stated that Turkish soldiers will quit Syria’s soil after the so-called operation of Euphrates Shield.Sergeant Ahmad Osman told al-Jazeera news agency that Turkey is an ally of Syrian opposition forces and reiterated that the Turkish forces will leave the soil of Syria after they ended their operation in the war-torn country.

He stated that the goal of the group is to curb Daesh activities and Kurdish expansion in northern Syria and stated that the Euphrates Shield operation forces have controlled large parts of northern and eastern Syria. He went on to add that Syrian northern city of Jerablus is on border with Turkey and it is on the way of Kurdish forces to expand their control over northern Syria and that was the reason that Turkey first launched attack on the city and took its control.