Amedi: PKK Shoots a Parachute Jumper in the Sky  – He was critically injured by three bullets  

DUHOK — 22 May 2016 –  BasNews – Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has shot a parachute jumper in Kurdistan Region, but the man survived with critical injuries.

Mahmoud Taha, a local official in Amedi district, 70 kilometers north of Duhok, confirmed to BasNews that a group of 3 have recently climbed the Peshkesh mountain near Deraluke district and intended to jump with parachutes towards Barzan region. While flying, the parachute jumpers were reportedly targeted by PKK guerrillas who are stationed in the area. “One of the parachute jumpers was critically injured in the gunfire,” says the official. BasNews has learned that the group consisted of a man from Argentina, another from Sulaymaniyah and the injured, who is a Christian from Amedi. Head of Amedi hospital told BasNews that the wounded man was later transported to Duhok hospital by the PKK guerrillas who shot him.