MESOP OFFICIAL STATEMENT : Kurdistan Region Presidency Welcomes ‘Federalism for Syria’ – Also KDP has expressed its support for the project

Sardar Sattar – 3 March 2016 – ERBIL — Kurdistan Region Presidency and Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) have both extended their support for implementing a federalist system in Syria, including a Kurdish Federal Region in the north of the country.

After BasNews reported about a project through which Syrian Kurds are planning to create a federal region in Northern Syria, Kurdistan Region Presidency’s office released a statement on Thursday, reiterating its support for federalism in Syria.

The presidency office insists that such a project may, once again, bring peace and reconciliation to Syria as a whole. It also encourages the Syrian Kurdish factions to remain united and insistent on a federal Syria in order to maintain the rights of Kurds in the country. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the KDP politburo released a statement, supporting the project and pointing out that federalism is the best solution to the chaos in the country. KDP also calls on the Syrian Kurdish political parties to resolve their disputes and maintain the unity of Kurds in the project in hopes of constituting greater achievements for Kurds in the region.