MESOP NEWS : Yezidi Female Peshmerga Forces Support Kurdistan’s Independence Referendum

19/06/2017 – 13:09 – BasNews – SINJAR — The Kurdish Yezidi female Peshmerga forces voiced their support for the referendum on Kurdistan Region independence from Iraq, stating that Yezidi women and girls will no longer be able to live with the very people who betrayed them in 2014. Khate Shangali, the commander of the female Yezidi Peshmerga unit, told BasNews “After years of living under persecution the time has come for the Yezidi girls and women to make themselves free of servitude and eliminate persecution.”

She also said the Yezidi women will secure their future and the future of their children by voting ‘yes’ in the forthcoming referendum on independence of Kurdistan Region.She further said “Yezidi girls and women will never forget the betrayal of August 3, 2014 and they will retaliate against the enemies by peaceful and democratic means -by ‘yes’ vote in the referendum, adding that Yezidis will then not face any catastrophes again. Shangali called on all people in the Kurdistan Region to vote ‘yes’ in the independence referendum, arguing that “We also have the right to have a sovereign state like any other nations in the world.”