MESOP NEWS : THE MAIN ENEMY OF ALL MIDDLE EAST – Iranian-backed Militias Refuse Withdrawing from Kurdish Territories

Basnews English – 28/10/2017 – 19:50 – ERBIL — The Shi’ite militia group of Hashd al-Shaabi, backed by both Tehran and Baghdad, has welcomed dialogues to settle the differences, but rejected to withdraw its forces from the disputed Kurdish territories, an official said. 

The remark comes after a meeting between Kurdistan Region’s Peshmerga Ministry and Iraqi Defence Ministry to discuss a solution to the recent tensions, erupted at the wake of Hashd al-Shaabi military offensives against the Kurdish forces.  Hassan Sari, an official from Hashd al-Shaabi, said later that their militias will not leave the Kurdish territories disputed between Erbil and Baghdad even if the Iraqi Prime Minister reconsiders his position on the issue.