Aliza Marcus‏ @AlizaMarcus  – From this report, YPG apparently doesn’t want refugees from Rakka entering YPG held territory now-security reasons? –  Displaced civilians leave “detention camps”in YPG-held areas and head to Jarablus

Thursday 18th May 2017 09:11 AM    قراءة بالعربية  Bi kurdî bwxen  2206 –  Displaced civilians arrived to Jarablus from Raqqa,Deir Ezzor and Aleppo eastern countryside after being banned to enter YPG-held areas“People’s Protection Units YPG” prevent displaced civilians from ISIS-held areas in Raqqa and Deir Ezzor from entering its held areas and force them to live in camps or go to FSA areas.NSO reporter in Aleppo eastern countryside said hundreds of families displaced from Raqqa, Deir Ezzor and from east Aleppo countryside arrived in the past 3 days to FSA and armed opposition areas in Aleppo eastern countryside after YPG prevented them from entering Hasakah province and Manbij too.

Adnan is a civilian from Raqqa residents told NSO:I fled from Raqqa with my family due to ISIS and when we arrived at YPG areas their fighters took all our IDs and made us to choose between staying at the camp or go to FSA areas so we choose to go to Jarablus.

Adnan added: the camp management gave them permit to leave toward Aleppo northern countryside for 24 hours after they demanded to leave the camp and then gathered all who want to leave the camp with civilians’ cars guarded by YPG vehicles to prevent them from going to YPG held areas and the fighters took them to Aouen al-Dadat village near armed opposition areas in Jarablus. Younes a civilian from Maskene in Aleppo eastern countryside told NSO:I left my city due to intense bombardment by Assad regime and Russia and YPG banned us from entering its held areas and asked us to find a local sponsor to let us in. YPG lately expelled displaced civilians in Manbij to armed opposition areas and also expelled Manbij residents from other areas too.