MESOP NEWS : PKK PROVOKES WAR BETWEEN KURDS ! – PKK Deployments to Sinjar an “International Intervention”: Shi’ite Commander

Basnews English – 16 March 2017 – ERBIL — Commander of the Ansar al-Hussein brigade, an offshoot of the Iraqi Shi’ite militia Hashd al-Shaabi, has stated that the deployment of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) guerrillas to Sinjar is an international intervention.“There is an immediate need for stoping the tensions which are created by the PKK military deployments to the region,” Adnan Hamid told BasNews.

He explained that the Kurdish Yezidis have suffered a lot at the hand of the Islamic State (IS) and now, that their areas are freed from the extremist group, they must be compensated and not subjected to further problems.Following the eruption of a military confrontation between the PKK and Roj Peshmerga forces of Kurdistan Region in Khansor subdistrict of Sinjar earlier this month, PKK started sending more armed forces to the area.  Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is accusing the party of mobilizing forces from the Syrian Kurdistan to Sinjar region which is interpreted as preparations for further clashes.