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Peoples in East Kurdistan and Iran demand their rights

3 Jan 2018 – Since the end of December people have been pouring onto the streets demanding an end to clerical rule. From Mashhad and Teheran to Kirmaşan and other places, peoples have risen up. They demand the return of their stolen bread. They demand the restoration of their looted kitchen table. Women demand their long denied freedom, workers and employees demand the re-establishment of their stolen rights. Students demand democracy and the right to education. Kurds, Balochis, Arabs and Azaris demand democracy and their legitimate national rights. And they all demand freedom.

The Iranian regime can no longer continue implementing its inhumane and anti-democratic policies. The peoples’ demands are appropriate and legitimate. Those who believe in human rights and values support them. Instead of heeding the peoples’ demands, the Iranian regime once again responded with an iron-fist, killing a number of people while arresting hundreds more.

The uprising that the peoples of Iran have embarked on is not a simple or easy phenomenon. The anger and objections they have expressed are deep rooted. The slogans they chant are bold and courageous. The rate of participation is increasing with each passing day. The uprising is directly targeting the oppressive and unjust regime of Iran.

The discontent and the thirst for freedom of the people of East Kurdistan can be clearly seen now. Kurdistan cities such as Kirmaşan and Sine are just two examples of this. Their uprising is a legitimate movement for democracy targeting the Iranian conservative and dictatorial regime. All indications suggest that it will be followed by a greater movement, making it impossible for the regime to continue in the same well-trodden path.

It is important for the people of Iran and East Kurdistan to thoroughly investigate this phenomenon and clarify their position accordingly. If the uprising is not turned into a maelstrom for the regime, the clerical circles, with the use of deception and oppression, may stifle it, and as such, save themselves. This is why it is vital for the peoples of East Kurdistan and Iran, along with their friends, to work together to resist the regime’s attacks.

We as the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) support the uprising as we regard it as legitimate and appropriate. Seekers of democracy and freedom from East Kurdistan and throughout Iran should come together and at the first opportunity form a strong union in order to constitute an alternative, leading this wave of popular resistance to its final destination.  

The Kurdistan National Congress wants the political forces of East Kurdistan to evaluate as precisely as possible this critical juncture. They should waste no time in formulating the demands of the people of East Kurdistan into a common programme. The peoples of this part of Kurdistan with their political leaders should, first of all, get their house in order, and along with other Iranian people and their representatives make an agreement on a democratic programme for the whole of Iran. The people’s demands are quite clear; they demand radical changes, freedom, democracy and social justice. It is vital for the leaders of East Kurdistan and the Iranian opposition groups to appreciate this fact and to act upon it.

Victory for our people of East Kurdistan and all Iranian peoples seeking their liberation

The Leading Council of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) –  Brussels, 2.1.2018