SDF Won’t Abandon Northern Areas to Syrian Regime: Official – Basnews English – 14/12/2017 – Riad Darrar, chairman of the Syrian Democratic Council Riad Darrar, chairman of the Syrian Democratic Council

ERBIL — Riad Darrar, chairman of the Syrian Democratic Council, the political wing of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), denied that there was any international consensus to grant the Syrian northern areas, east of the Euphrates River, autonomy or any other administrative form.”There is no international consensus of any kind,” Darrar told BasNews.

“The policies of international countries about the region [northern Syria] are ambiguous and the project introduced by the people of the region is self-building,” he said.He noted that they are waiting for negotiations over the future of the SDF and dissemination of their experience across the entire Syria, and efforts for this purpose are underway. “We will try to make Syria a democratic country with a federal system,” said Darrar.

“SDF will protect their areas and defend them against any aggressor and will not give them up to anyone,” he said in response to a question about whether the SDF, backed by the International Coalition, would hand over their areas to the Syrian regime. The Saudi newspaper Al-Riyadh reported earlier that an agreement was reached between Russia and US to grant the Kurds in the northeastern regions of Syria a sort of autonomy.