MESOP NEWS : Kurdish Independence Probed at the International Legal Issues Conference – Işık university held the ‘International Legal Issues Conference’ in Erbil

Hiwa Ahmed  – BasNews –  ERBIL — Işık university in Erbil held its fifth conference today, May 23, on the legal issues in Iraq and the whole region.

The law department at Işık university organized the ‘International Legal Issues Conference’ on legal issues existing in the region, particularly the case of Kurdish independence. The conference was attended by a great number of judges, lawyers, ministers, parliament members, civil activists, political party members, university representatives and others.

A number of researches were presented at the conference including a research on Halabja chemical attack by the Iraqi judge, Mohamed al-Oreibi, who trialed Ali Hasan Majeed, the Iraqi interior minister under Saddam Hussein’s regime and responsible for the attack. He was later convicted in June 2007 and sentenced to death by hanging. Kurdish independence in terms of legality was another issue presented at the conference by Adnan Ahmed, a legal expert. He explained the legal issues revolving around the case and the right of Kurdistan Region to have an independent sovereign state.