MESOP NEWS INSIGHT: PKK LUNATICS PREPARING WAR AGAINST KURDS IN KURDISH REGIONS – The PKK-PROXY group added: “We will turn the territory of the Kurdistan Region into a graveyard.”

PKK affiliate group threatens war in the Kurdistan Region

By Rudaw  26 March 2017 – ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — An armed group, claiming to be associated with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), has threatened to wage war in the Kurdistan Region, against the state of Turkey. This comes after tensions recently flared up between a PKK offshoot group and the Peshmerga forces in Shingal region.

“We as a group of youth from southern Kurdistan, under the slogan ‘We Are Qandil and Shingal Volunteers’ will join the PKK to liberate the entire southern Kurdistan from Turkey and collaborators,” the statement read.On Wednesday, PKK media circulated the video made by a group introducing themselves as the Shingal and Qandil Volunteers. In the footage, a group of guerilla is seen aggressively reading out a written statement in the Sorani dialect of Kurdish.

The group accused the KDP of collaborating with Turkey.The group added: “We will turn the territory of the Kurdistan Region into a graveyard.”

The message states that Turkey, with the help of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Iraq’s Sunni Hashid al-Watani forces, is planning “to invade” the all of southern Kurdistan, saying recent clashes in Shingal are only the beginning of the conquest.

A Peshmerga commander cast doubts on whether the group represented the official position of the PKK. “It is strange to see a group in the name of the PKK threatening to wage war in the Kurdistan Region. The PKK should confirm whether or not this is their official stance,” Peshmerga commander Anwar Haji Osman told Rudaw. KRG officials repeatedly have called on the group, which is listed as a terrorist organization by the European Union, Turkey, and the United States, to leave Shingal.