MESOP NEWS : HDP CONFERENCE IN AMED – HDP Co-chair Kemalbay to AKP: Try and do your worst!

10  Jan/ANF – The Peoples’ Democratic Party’s Regional Conference was held in Amed (Diyarbakir) prior to the Ordinary Congress which is set to be held in February. HDP Co-Chair Serpil Kemalbay, HDP Central Executive Board and Party Council members as well as representatives of the HDP Diyarbakir Provincial Organization were present in the conference held in Vedat Aydın Conference Hall of Diyarbakir Provincial Building. Co-Chair Kemalbay said “Human history is the one of struggle. Our party is trying to fulfill this equality, freedom, justice struggle by taking on its role in history. Today, all our rights, freedoms and achievements are gifted to us by those who raised freedom flags against heavy attacks by paying the price throughout history. I commemorate all comrades who have struggled in this cause.”  More via