MESOP NEWS GRAND EXPECTATIONS! 95% of People Expected to Vote “Yes” to Independence: Kurdish Official

Basnews English –  18/09/2017 – ERBIL — An estimation of 95% of people in Kurdistan Region are expected to vote in favour of independence on the referendum day, said a Kurdish politician.Kurdistan Region is scheduled to hold an independence vote on 25th September, which also allows the people in the disputed Kurdish areas to have their voice.Despite media campaigns attempting to promote the ‘No’ vote, Mohammed Haji Mahmoud, Secretary General of Kurdistan Socialist Democratic Party, said that the vast majority will vote ‘Yes’.

The people’s willpower is stronger that any outside pressure which hopes to mislead the independence referendum. “The move intends to prevent Kurdistan from coming again under chemical attacks, Anfal campaigns and genocide.The Iraqi government has realised their wrong moves against Kurdistan, and now is attempting to show their intension to make it right, Mahmoud explained, noting that it is “too late as the people of Kurdistan have already made the decision”.