MESOP NEWS : Germany, UK & France to Provide Financial Support for Peshmerga

Hemin Salih – BasNews – 1 March 2016 – ERBIL — A delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is supposed to visit USA to seek military and financial support for Peshmerga forces. Germany, UK and France, on the other hand, promised to financially support the Kurdistan Region, said a Senior Peshmerga Official.

Jabar Yawar, a Senior Peshmerga Official, stated that a high delegation from the Peshmerga Ministry is going to visit USA on March 11, and meet with US military officials and US Congress members during the visit, asking for financial and logistic support for Peshmerga Forces.

According to the information obtained by BasNews, USA will officially accept the delegation’s request to support the Peshmerga Forces. The support, however, will be given to Peshmerga through the Iraqi central government while the Peshmerga Ministry prefers to be supported directly without having to turn to Baghdad. Previously, in January 2016, Fuad Hussein, Chief of Staff of the Kurdistan Region Presidency, and Falah Mustafa, Head of KRG’s Department of Foreign Relations, visited USA to discuss issues pertaining to supporting Peshmerga. BasNews has learned that providing salaries and logistic support to 35,000 Peshmerga was discussed in the meeting. Falah Mustafa recently said that the Kurdistan Region president, Masoud Barzani’s visit to Germany was significantly successful because all the countries’ representatives like France, UK and Germany promised their countries’ support for Kurdistan Region in the war against the Islamic State (IS).