MESOP NEWS : FORGET ABOUT THE WEST / ASK PUTIN WAS IS ALLOWED ! – Ankara would not attack Afrin without consent from Moscow: military expert


3 Sept 2017 – KURDPRESS – A Turkish military expert believes Ankara would not attack the Syrian Kurdish canton of Afrin without Moscow’s consent as Turkey and Russia have signed a bilateral strategic deal over the canton and the canton of Idlib.

Turkey cooperation with Russia in any cross-border military operation, Metin Gurcan said about the possibility of a Turkey attack on Afrin. “In Afrin canton, especially in the Tel Rifaat area, the Russian military presence and build-up continues,” Gurcan said. “If the Russians opt for a military withdrawal there, the possibility of Turkish military incursion increases, but at the moment it is not the case.“There is serious strategic bargaining between Moscow and Ankara over the fate of Afrin and Idlib cantons. Turkey may offer help to Russia in Idlib with separating radical jihadist armed groups from moderate opposition elements, and it can also play a post-conflict reconstruction mediator role in its relations with the groups in Idlib.”

In return for this, Gurcan told Arab news that if Moscow gave the green light, Ankara may try to expand its control over Syrian territories in the Jarablus/Al-Bab/Al-Rai triangle, but only at a limited operational level. “The approval of Russia is key for this because it has airspace superiority in the west of the Euphrates river, where it dominates. As long as the Russian military presence continues around Afrin canton, which is controlled by the YPG, such a Turkish operation is not likely for the foreseeable future,” he concluded.  Reporter’s code: 5101 –