MESOP NEWS FOCUS : PKK Major Obstacle to IDPs Returns in Sinjar: Yezidi Commander

Basnews English  – 20/05/2017 –  SINJAR — Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) forces are the major obstacle to the reconstruction of Sinjar and IDPs’ returns, said the commander of Ezidkhan Protection Units.Haidar Shasho, commander of Ezidkhan Protection Units, a previously PKK-affiliated armed group, told BasNews “PKK will never help reconstruct Sinjar region, it will rather incite additional troubles in the area,” adding that ‘PKK’s presence in Sinjar is the major obstacle to its reconstruction.”

Shasho has lately established a new party in Sinjar called Ezidkhan Democratic Party. He called on the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to begin the reconstruction efforts in Sinjar and demanded PKK to withdraw its forces from the region, noting that Sinjar IDPs are unwilling to return to their areas fearing the PKK forces. He said that they oppose PKK’s efforts to turn Sinjar into the second Qandil, referring to the party’s headquarters located in Mount Qandil, adding that people of Sinjar refuse their areas to be part of political conflicts.