30.08.2017 –  Call to “2nd Hasankeyf Global Action Day” on 23 September 2017!

We call activists, social movements, NGO’s and all others in the world to join the second global action day for the defense of Hasankeyf and the Tigris River on 23rd September 2017! It is under threat by the Ilisu Project; lets protest this one of most controversial dams in the world!

After the first global action day in Sept. 2015 the construction of the Ilisu Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant has continued without a break. The ongoing armed conflict has been used by the Turkish government to oppress protests on local and Turkey wide level. However, since mid of August 2017 a wave of new protests and critic came up all over the Kurdish region and Turkey after several rocks at the castle rock have been destroyed using explosives and other means. This action, which had no proper legal permission, is the start of new level in the destruction of outstanding and unique cultural and natural heritage of the 12.000 years old settlement Hasankeyf and the Tigris Valley. It is also pushing people out of Hasankeyf. Just in May 2017 the relocation of the first of totally 9 monuments, the Zeynel Bey Tomb, has been realized.

The recent critic has brought activists and organizations all over Turkey together. Before the planned action day we expect many activists from West-Turkey to come to Hasankeyf in order to show solidarity. Hasankeyf has a strong symbolic value for all people in Turkey struggling against dams and other destructive investment projects. Concerned people in Iraq and Iran have raised their voice against the Ilisu Project in the last months and years.

The Turkish government has announced several times that the construction has achieved a high level completion. This may be partly true and partly propaganda. However important is that we stand against this project which will destroy a whole region and will be beneficial only for some companies, landowners and the central government. The last weeks have shown that there is a chance to stop Ilisu Project!

You are invited to organize a public action in your city or country against the destructive Ilisu Project on the 23rd September. The demands should target mainly the Turkish government, the Austrian company Andritz – leader in Ilisu consortium – and request from the Iraqi government to act, which is silent about the upcoming drying out of its country. Do not hesitate to contact us or inform us about your planned action.

Our struggle will never give up and will continue to the last day! Hasankeyf and Tigris are our life sources!

Link to report on First Hasankeyf Global Action Day in 2015: