MESOP NEWS : Amnesty’s annual report slams Iran for continued human rights violations

By Arina Moradi – RUDAW – ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Amnesty International has harshly criticized Iran in its 2016 report for its continued human rights violations, including unfair trial, imprisoning journalists, torture and ill-treatment of detainees and high rate of capital punishment.
The report, released on Wednesday says, “The authorities carried out cruel punishments, including blinding, amputation and floggings. Courts imposed death sentences for a range of crimes; many prisoners, including at least four juvenile offenders, were executed.”

According to the report, Tehran has continued to suppress freedom of expression and restrict association and assembly. “They blocked Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites, closed and suspended media outlets.”

Several magazines, according to the report, including the Zanan women’s monthly magazine were closed by the authorities. Iranian courts have used vague charges such as “anti-revolutionary” or “acts against decency in cyber-space” for punishing people who used social media for their activities.

Iran and the Western powers of 5+1 reached an agreement in July to restrict its nuclear development program in return for lifting imposed international sanctions. Even after the agreement Iran continued to deny the UN Special Rapporteur entry to the country, the Amnesty report said, and the UN recommendations.  “Those rejected included recommendations that Iran ratify the UN Convention against Torture and CEDAW, and cease using the death penalty against those aged under 18 at the time of the alleged crime,” it has explained. Discrimination against women and minorities are also parts of Iran’s human rights violation, Amnesty reported.