MESOP NEWS : ALL KURDISTAN ! – Independence Referendum Covers Disputed Kurdish Areas

Basnews English – 07/06/2017 – 18:47 – ERBIL — Dozens of Kurdish political parties gathered on Wednesday to set 25th September of this year as the date for holding the independence referendum which will also cover the disputed Kurdish areas.

According to a press release issued after the meeting, the 15 political parties present at the meeting also decided to continue the serious efforts to solve the internal issues and set the ground for parliament to be called back into session, as reported by Kurdistan24.

Disputed Kurdish areas refer to mainly Kurdish-populated regions which are currently outside the administrative jurisdiction of Kurdistan Region. According to Iraqi constitution’s article 140, which is yet to be implemented since 2005, a referendum should be held in these areas to allow the people decide whether to join Kurdistan Region or remain under the rule of the Iraqi central government.  A high committee will also be formed under Barzani’s supervision to prepare for the 25th September referendum. The political parties were called upon to decide on representatives before June 12th to join multiple committees working for holding the referendum.