MESOP NEWS : Aggressive threats of the Stalinist PKK by Reza Altun

Peshmerga Official Warns of Proportional Response to PKK’s Threats

Basnews English –  09/05/2017 – 12:12 – ERBIL — An official from the Kurdistan Region’s Peshmerga Ministry responded to the latest statements of a Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) leader which threatened to wage war against Kurdistan Region, saying PKK will pay a heavy price for such an action.

Reza Altun, founder of PKK and executive member of the Kurdish Communities Union (KCK), the PKK umbrella that hosts its affiliated parties in Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria, had said they would respect no boundaries in Kurdistan Region, threatening to turn the region into a battlefield against Turkey and Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).  Halgurd Hikmat, head of the Peshmerga Ministry’s Media Department, said they hope Altun’s statements are his own and do not represent PKK’s stance. He also hoped that no actions would follow his statements otherwise Kurdistan Region will respond accordingly.   The Peshmerga official said Kurdistan Region has many options to use, but it is not willing to do so, adding that the region has significant support from the international community.